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Taiyō Dynasties is set in an alternate Japan where humans never existed and beastmen took their place. The life force called Taiyō contained within these beastmen gives them supernatural powers and magical abilities. A skirmish miniature game for 2-4 players.


Choose your warband from the unique clans and factions and wage battle for land, riches and honour. The clash of katanas, the whistling of arrows and the explosions of magic cover the battlefield. Ally yourself with the Imperial Wafuto Army and crush your enemy with superior steel. Take up arms with the Atusda Vanguard and defend the holy sites of your ancestors. As wars rage you make deals with Akira and establish yourself within the crime syndicates operating under the shoguns nose. Seek riches and treasures on the seas and trade them to the party of your choosing as you ride the waves with the Reputan Trade Federation.  

The militarised canines that rule with an iron fist. Populated with mostly packs of wolves and dogs, the Wafuto Clan definitely has the ferocity and raw power to take on all enemies that stand in their way. With too much brawn and not enough brain the Wafuto often lack the Harmony that other species have mastered. They make up for this in pure military expertise and ruthless well-trained soldiers. The Wafuto Clan is perfect for the cut throat gamers.  

Led by Wafuto Zaifun the Wafuto Clan is the largest clan and has the right to call their leader Shogun. In 1699 The Wafuto Clan rose to power after the 8 year war called “The War of Dogs”. Owning most of continental of Hanani they have the most resources and man power.

The Atsuda Clan is populated by primates, apes and monkeys. They are Highly intelligent and peaceful, but in no way defenceless. Using advanced knowledge of Taiyō and with the largest amount of harmony of all the species, they are very capable and not to be regarded as a fallen clan. This faction is great for the more tactical gamer.


Led by Atsuda Chatoto, with vengeance in his eyes the Atsuda have started to harness Taiyō in a more offensive way than before. Unlike the Wafuto the Atsuda do control some of the islands and although they have less resources and man power they train harder because the weak always have more to prove. And while the strong sit licking their fangs and claws. The weak seek knowledge and strength through perseverance.

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