Welcome to the world of Taiyo Dynasties!

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As the Paw marches

The sound of death grows louder

The Great Age has passed.

Machoto Atsuda 

Autumn 1699 

At the end of The War of Dogs, the day before his execution.

In the year of 1631, the Atsuda Period began. After the Great War of 1623-1631, the Atsuda had claimed their rightful place as rulers of Hanani - the land in which we live. Ruled by Shogun Matoto Atsuda, 60 years of prosperity and peace spread across the land. Yet, in the light of happiness, the shadows of discontent grow darker. In 1691, the declaration of war was sent to the Capital of Kyoichi. So began The War of Dogs.

It has been 11 years since the War of the Dogs ended and the dark rule of the Wafuto Clan began. Their hounds extort and harass the population spreading fear and obedience across the nation. However, it is not too late to undo the damage that has been done. Matoto Atsuda the son of the previous Shogun has come of age and wishes to see his country restored to it former glory. You have a choice, join the Atsuda clan and reclaim the country or continue to push the Wafuto agenda till the whole nation is under your thumb. Maybe you see the profit that is to be made from war and will choose to exploit both sides to gain your wealth on the seas with the Reputan Trade Federation. Whichever path you choose the War of the Falling Petal has begun and it will shake the earth. 

Welcome to the world of Taiyo Dynasties! 

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