The Development of Taiyo Dynasties

Thank you all for join our community. In this blog, we hope to give you an insight into the development of the Taiyo Dynasties and highlight some of the key features of the game. Much of this will be written from the perspective of Alex, the lead game designer, and covers some of the 5 years of Taiyo Dynasties’ development.

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Where did Taiyo Dynasties come from?

People often ask where the unique and interesting theme comes from? The simple answer is from my head. However, are any ideas actually original? As I worked on the game it came to my attention more and more what this game had been inspired by. The answer was games and movies from my childhood. For example, Sonic, Shogun Total War, Kung-fu Panda and Disney’s Robin Hood. These childhood inspirations combined with my current interest in tabletop games, anime, video games and film helped to shape the way the game feels. The abilities and characters are inspired by videogames such as DOTA2 and World of Warcraft. The themes and visual style are inspired by games and TV programs such as, Shogun Total War 2, The Last Airbender and Bleach. Finally the gameplay was inspired by the countless board games, RPGs and miniature games I’ve played over the years. All this inspiration was molded into what is now Taiyo Dynasties. I hope you can feel the personal touch and passion that has been put into every part of the game.

Why a skirmish miniature game?

I wanted the game to be very focused on individual characters, and so a mass battle game was disregarded from the very beginning. Initially the game was very character heavy and each character had a lot of abilities. However, this felt a redundant and cumbersome. If everyone is a hero, then no one is a hero, right? At this point, contrast became a key pillar towards unit development. Having units ranging from basic Chimp Ashigaru to the powerful Goru Warriors created a great contrast and and allowed some models to be epic while other just got the job done. This lead to the current Warband based system. Both players choose at least one Hero. Each Hero must then be accompanied by at least 1 Elite and 2 Troops from the same faction.

Please see page 16 of the Beta rules for more on creating warbands. 

Testing and Balancing

On the Kickstarter page we say the game has been tested a lot! This is not just something we are saying for show. The game first started its testing with myself, and some friends and family. I also played it alone for a good while. Later, when the development stepped up, I started showing friends at gaming clubs. 

Rogue Trader gaming club in Copenhagen in particular played a big role in the testing of the game, and I’m very grateful to them - many members of the club got countless games in. During this time, I’d say the game was still in an alpha stage, but through the help of the Rogue Trader club moved to a state I would be comfortable calling an open beta. After that point, I made it available online for people all over the world to help with testing. 

The Nordmarked gaming club and event, also in Copenhagen, allowed me to showcase the game to the public for the first time. It was very well received and the members of NordMarked remain some of the games most passionate followers. 

After graduating from Copenhagen Business School, I moved to Nottingham with my family. For those who don’t know Nottingham, it is basically the miniature game capital of the world. Mantic, Warlord and Games Workshop all have their main offices there. I couldn’t ask for a better place to test my game out. I went to Chillcon Derby, Nottingham Board and Wargames Club, Nottingham Library and Wargames Armoury to show off the game and do some playtesting. With the help of people around Nottingham, Taiyo Dynasties underwent a final few minor balance changes, and the game entered into the current state that’s available to read online. 


Developing Taiyo Dynasties has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my life. I have made many friends along the way, and introduced many people to the tabletop hobby via my game. If we can fund this Kickstarter, I’ll be able to continue the development of this game I’m so passionate about, and I’ll be able to expand the team to deliver future content more easily and efficiently. Thanks to everyone who has backed already, and a extra special thanks to those who have gone the extra mile to share and spread the word of the game. I look forward to building a fantastic community around this game!



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