Taiyo Dynasties demo board Japanese terrain build – Prt 1

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

This tutorial is going to be multi part and will show the process and progress of my first terrain board for Taiyo Dynasties. I have a number of conventions coming up so a good looking board is a must.

First of we start with the shopping list!

· Brown acrylic sealant x 2

· PVA glue

· Sanding sponges

· Garden stick decoration and coconut husk basket liners

· Cheap paint brushes

· Cereal boxes

· 9mm MDF for the board

· Grasses and flocks

· Pink spray paint

· Other spray paints

· Corrugated cardboard

· Garden Wire

· Super Glue

· Various sized round, square and flat dowel

· Assorted paints

· Craft knives

· Play sand

· Small pebbles and slate

Most of this was obtained from £1 shops and B&Q. More specialist stuff like the flock was gotten at Gee Dee Hobby.

Day 1

First, I started by twisting wire together to make trees. Afterwards they were coated in PVA glue and left to dry. Then PVA was applied just to the tips and they were flocked with orange coarse turf by Woodland Scenics. This was done three to four times depending on the size of the tree.

Then I tackled the main body of the board. I coated the surface of the board in the brown acrylic sealant and mixed in sand to add texture. To further the texture, I also stippled the surface with damp paint brush. Before this dried I cut cardboard piece to make hills and coated those too. Coconut husk was then pushed onto various locations to create texture and make it look like roots.

This was the sprayed with various coloured paints. A blue line was painted to represent a river and sealant was used to build up shallow river banks.

While this was drying I started making the Tori gate and the bridge. These were made out of cardboard and various sized round, square and flat dowel. All super glued and wood glued together. These were then sprayed red and black details were added with a brush. It then received a light drybrush.

The main board was then dry brushed with light brown and grey, the river was also painted with green, blue and white. Afterwards its was coated in PVA glue in various places and then flock was applied. Small paving stones were cut from cardboard and glued down. These were then painted at a later stage.

Day 1 over. To be continued


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