Taiyo Dynasties demo board Japanese terrain build - Prt 2

This week’s blog is going to be the second part of the terrain board for Taiyo Dynasties. I have a number of conventions coming up so a good looking board is a must.

Day 2 starts

The stones were painted black and then a thick dry brush of grey and a light dry brush of white. More flock was applied to the surface of the table and the river was given another coat of PVA glue to help it shine.

Now it was time to work on the smaller pieces. The sticks from the garden decoration where sprayed green and lightly sprayed with yellow. Leaves were cut out of green plastic and then glued to wires that had been attached to the sticks.

The trees got a spray of white and then pink to make them look like cherry blossom trees. Afterward the trunks were painted dark grey and dry brushed with light grey.

Once the bamboo and trees had dried. Cardboard bases were cut out to give them something to stand on. These bases were then coated in acrylic sealant, that was allowed to dry. Green patches were then painted on the bases and flock was then glued to the patches.

At this point there were some touch ups here and there, but the board was done!

Next week I will be talking about how Chillcon Derby 2018 went! I brought this board to it.

Thank you for ready my blog and I hope you are intrigued enough to continue following my haphazard adventures into the tabletop industry.

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