The story so far and the future on the table – Kick the Wolf #01

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

The story so far

Not to sound cliché, but Kickstarter really did help open the tabletop industry and for me this is very much the case. My first Kickstarter was launched in 2014 and I sold aluminium gaming dice called Dragon Scales. As one of the first projects offering metal dice I had explosive success. I had a target of £500 and ended on £12,292. I don’t know whos idea it was to give an eighteen-year-old over ten grand, but Kickstarter facilitated it. The question next is, what did I do with that money? I reinvested it in the business and one year later I launched a Kickstarter for “Polyhedral Dragon Scales® Metal Designer Gaming Dice”. This one raised £21,893 and I again suddenly found myself in possession of way too much money. So logically I lost it all at a casino in Vegas. No, one day I decided I’m going to make my own miniature game. Why? You ask, because I could, and my young naivety removed the doubt most rational people would have. We will get back to the game soon.

Metal gaming coins were starting to pop up on Kickstarter. With the Kickstarter bug firmly imbedded within me, I launched “Dragon Scales Coins - Wave 1 - Dwarven and Elven”. They were received well by my “fans”, raising £9,602 and inspired the subsequent two waves. Despite my continued success attempts to rejuvenate our Dragon Scales Dice was met with much less success with two failed dice Kickstarters. Both projects fell short of their goal but, were not without support.

While all these other projects were thriving and failing, Taiyo Dynasties was progressing behind the scenes. Taiyo Dynasties is a Japanese anthropomorphic miniature skirmish wargame and its development is fuelled by both passion and stubbornness to succeed. I have been working on Taiyo Dynasties for 4 years between studying for my bachelor in International Business Management with Japanese Language and Culture in the Asian Studies Programme at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. I have now graduated from this course with full marks in my final thesis and have begun working on Ulfsark Games and Taiyo Dynasties full time.

Future on the table

Inspired by advice of people I have met since moving to Nottingham, I have started this blog. My plans are to write a summary once a week about my progress trying to make it in the “Tabletop World”. I will also post progress reports on the development and testing of Taiyo Dynasties and all my other projects.

Dragon Scales Coins - Wave 3 - THE UNDEAD & THE OLD ONE

Currently running on Kickstarter and doing well. My skills have reached a point where I can confidently put out products that I have done all the artwork for. This is the second time I have done this and is really humbling and satisfying to see people enjoying something you have created. So please go check them out if you need some quality beautiful gaming coins.

Taiyo Dynasties – Beta 2.0 testing

Recently I released my baby into the world take it’s first steps into the spotlight. It has received great reactions and response. I think it is an awesome game and really want it to succeed. Therefore, I have reached out to get help from the community to test the game. If you are interested in following the progress of the game online, you should join our testing group on Facebook. However, you can also follow the development here. On top of this I have started regular playtesting at local clubs and events in Nottingham. You can see when and where on the group too.

Thank you for ready my first blog post and I hope you are intrigued enough to continue following my haphazard adventures into the tabletop industry.

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