12 Things you need to know about Taiyo Dynasties

Taiyo Dynasties is about to enter into BETA 4.0. We are very far into the development of the game. I thought I would explain what this game is.

Here are 12 things you should know about Taiyo Dynasties.

1. Taiyo Dynasties is a skirmish miniature game. This means you will play with 5-12 models in each warband. There are Heroes, Elites, Troops, Ronin and more. Each with their own backstory and theme.

2. It uses point based recruitment and a coin based in game resources system for actions

3. It uses six sided dice and tape measures and our own miniature range.

4. There are 2 major factions and 5 minor factions.

Atsuda Clan – Populated by primates, apes and monkeys. They are Highly intelligent and peaceful. This is the second biggest factions and are the “good guys”. Lawful Good

Wafuto Clan- The militarised canines that rule with an iron fist. Populated with mostly packs of wolves and dogs. The biggest factions and are the “bad guys”. Lawful Evil

Reputan Trade Federation- Mostly Amphibians and lizards. They are mostly traders, fishermen and pirates. The third largest faction and are more closely aligned with the Wafuto Clan. Neutral Evil

Tori Guild - Fleeing the War of Dogs in their flying fortress the avian now dwell in the skies separating themselves from warring lands below. A very independent faction that aligns only with people how don’t attack them. Lawful Neutral

The Tribes - Four migratory tribes that live in the mountains in the north. The Tribes vary in makeup, some consist of only bovine while others consist of a mix of deer, goats, sheep, rabbits and even squirrels. Neutral Good

Nekoma - Felines, cats and big cats. Mostly lone wanderers. True Neutral

5. There is a total of 8 Warbands that have been designed for the factions.

6. It can be played as a single skirmish battles or as a campaign. The rules for the campaign are not available yet.

7. The game will be sold as separate warbands. You will also be able to get starter bundles.

8. It is not a board game. It is a miniature wargame.

9. The lore for the game is being worked on and added to as the game develops. Taiyo Dynasties has context and history to the world.

10. It will be sold via Kickstarter where we hope to fund the first 4-6 Warbands.

11. You can buy the our first two warbands from our website. The Imperial Army (Wafuto) and the Atsuda Vanguard.

12. These pre-released sets where first sold at Chillcon Derby 2018


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